Top 10 Richest People In South Africa And Their Net Worth


Riches is a crown and the individuals who wear it, must be perceived as the lords of the general public and be concurred the meriting regard that accompanies the crown. In any case, past that, it is difficult to get the crown.

You would need to bounce through obstacles, beaten a lot of extremely unflattering snags and have a story to tell. However, when you inevitably get the crown, you can be certain that the world will be holding back to assist you with recounting your story and there are a lot of approaches to do that. Whats more, more South African tycoons and moguls are jumping up as time passes.

Thus, it’s that season again when you entertain us with arrangements of the most extravagant individuals around us, how they get their cash and the amount they are really worth. It would amaze you to realize that to make this rundown isn’t something that occurs without any forethought, it takes the battle of a very long time by the most focused business people and finance managers to show up in the rundown.

Throughout the long term, a few people who used to be on the rundown of the most extravagant individuals in south Africa are not, at this point as fortunate to be on it while others are moving ever more elevated every year.

At that point obviously there are those other people who have ached for a long time to be referenced in the rundown and this time, some of them were very fortunate to be recalled. In this article, we’ve investigated Forbes list and have consolidated that with data from different sources, for example, Bloomberg and Ventures Africa to concoct a more complete rundown of the most extravagant men in South Africa, these are multi tycoons and multi moguls, all figures are in US dollars.


10. Cyril Ramaphosa

Net Worth: $675 Million

Industry: Investments/Self Made

A lover of fast cars, vintage wine, trout fishing and game farming, Cyril Ramaphosa is the second richest black businessman in South Africa. He had always loved politics and was hoping to become Nelson Mandela’s vice president which never worked out.
He became the symbol of black capitalism in South Africa.

Widely respected as a skilful and formidable negotiator and strategist, he acquired a stake in almost every key sector – from telecoms and the media to beverages and fast-food (he owns the South African franchise of the US fast food chain, McDonalds) and mining.

He is best known for building up the biggest and most powerful trade union in South Africa and with this great acumen, he translated his business to a successful empire. He is currently worth $675 million.

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