Top 10 Best Football Clubs In South Africa Rate By Attendance


The twelfth player at the arena is the fans, fans remain behind their group and backing the group to win. We have seen throughout the long term how groups have figured out how to return from. This is no exemption to PSL groups that have fans revitalizing behind them come downpour or daylight. The following are top 10 SA football clubs by participation.

1. Bloemfontein Celtic

Bloemfontein Celtic is a great team with great support. Traveling to Bloemfontein is a headache for any team as they know that they will have to beat the green and white crowd that sings from the first minute till the last minute. Siwelele has great and many fans both at home and when they are away.


2.Mamelodi Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns is a team that always takes advantage and acknowledge their fan base. Kaboyellow, the fans sing and cheer loudly, bellowing more than a vuvuzela. Patrice Motsepe has even paid for fans to travel with the team to Africa and Europe.

3.Orlando Pirates

Orlando Pirates is a team established in 1937 and their fan database is immensely huge and the sea robbers are hard to beat with their fans behind them. The team is currently struggling to win but their fans are behind them and never give up.

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