Find And Choose Your Dream College For Admission At UNISA

Are you looking forward to gaining admission at the University of South Africa (UNISA)?
Landing on this article tells me you are. But you’re not sure if Unisa offers your dream course at their colleges at all. Well, that is why this detailed article is even here, to elaborate to your understanding, the colleges that the prestigious institution like Unisa runs We believe you’ll find and choose your dream college alongside the course you want to study and apply for admission for 2021 academic year in Unisa.
But let’s do this quickly.

What Is UNISA?

As the abbreviated name tells, the University of South Africa, colloquially called UNISA is the largest university in South Africa by all standards. It has the largest enrolment statistics in South Africa among the many universities, and also, boasts of equipping a third of all higher education students in South Africa.
So, frankly, Unisa is the dream university you can go for your dream course and become the professional you dearly dream of with the up to date knowledge and skills in the field you want to endeavour.

So, right from the go, you now know Unisa is an admirable tertiary institution that you will not want to procrastinate applying for admission for 2021 academic year.

Now, let’s get back to finding and choosing your dream college and course at Unisa.
How Many Colleges Does Unisa Run
Unisa offers eight prestigious colleges, Accounting Science, Agriculture and Environmental Science, Economic and Management Science, Education, Human Science, Law, Science, Engineering and Technology, in addition, Graduate Studies and Graduate School of Business Leadership, which we will explain in detail later in this article, vocational programmes and over 1400 academics, it also offers four categories of qualifications that you can apply for, which are

Undergraduate qualification
Honours degree and a postgraduate diploma
Master’s and doctoral degrees
Short learning programs.

In order to apply for any of the four categories of the qualifications, you need to understand your career profession that you want to study at any of Unisa colleges. So here comes the question.
Does Unisa Offers Career Guidance for probable Applicants On College Choice?
Presumably, you know your choice of college you want to go. But, yes, Unisa offers career counselling for students to ensure that you’re certain of your course choice to read at Unisa for a better future job. Unisa understands that, making career choice includes Knowing yourself Identifying and preparing for opportunities and Linking your interest in Unisa qualifications.
Unisa will offer you the career guidance in all these three aspects for you to grab the in-depth courses you prefer to study at any college of the institution. Unisa will even continue to give you career counselling whiles you are in the institution reading your courses.
Now, let us dive into the colleges at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

College of Accounting Science

Accounting Science has been one of the popular schools at the tertiary level of education. How about becoming an Auditor, Accounting Manager, Financial Manager, Investment Banker, or Chief Financial Officer? Unisa is here to offer you the opportunity to study at its college of Accounting Science which is made up of Accountancy, School of Applied Accountancy, Centre for Accounting Studies.
The college of Accounting Science focuses their studies on Taxation, Auditing, Financial Accounting, Financing Intelligence, Financial Governance and Management Accounting. You can apply to study for Undergraduate qualification, Honours degree and postgraduate diploma, Masters and doctoral degrees. For more information about this college, find it from UNISA College of Accounting Science College of Law The law profession is known to be lucrative and meant for the ‘brains’. More and more people are taking the opportunity to venture into this field of study and statistics shows, about 90.8% of law students become successful in their profession as lawyers, both at their financial and social statutes. Do you have a strong interest in becoming a lawyer? Unisa is instituted to make you achieve your dream in all the department of law study of your choice.

The College of Law at Unisa consists of the following;
The Schools of Law and Criminal Justice,
The Institute for Dispute Resolution in Africa and the Centre for Basic Legal Education,
The Centre for Business Law,
The Centre for Criminological Sciences,
The Centre for Foreign and Comparative Law and The VerLoren van Themaat Centre for Public Law Studies.

At Unisa, college of Law offers qualifications of Undergraduate degrees, higher certificates and higher diplomas, and postgraduate certificates, Honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas and Masters & doctoral degrees. Read more information about schools, department, Centers and Institutes at UNISA

College Of Law

College of Economics and Management Science
How about economics and management science? You may have the desire and interest to read in this field of study. Maybe you want to be a profession in the field of Financial Science. Unisa is here to equip you with the knowledge, and skills to be an expert in this field of study.
The College of Economic and Management Sciences is made up of the School of Management Sciences, the School of Economic and Financial Sciences, the School of Public & Operations Management, the Institute For Corporate Citizenship and five Centres.
You can also see The Schools, Department, Bureau, Centres, and Institutes from the university main website UNISA College of Economics and Management


College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
You might be one with a strong interest to study agricultural and environmental science. The wait and worry of looking for a profound institution to help you achieve your dream are over because Unisa is running the full programme at it college of Agriculture and Environmental Science.
The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Unisa is made up of the School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the School of Environmental Sciences and the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.
The college offers a qualification of Undergraduate degrees, higher certificates and higher diplomas, and postgraduate certificates Honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas Master’s & doctoral degrees About the schools, departments, centres and units at this college, see more information at UNISA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

College of Education

You may be one who wants to study in the field of Education. Don’t worry, Unisa has all the programmes covered at it a college of education to make you a professional educationist.
The College of Education at Unisa is made up of the School of Education, the School of Teacher Education, the Centre for Continuous Professional Teacher and Community Education and Training, the Teaching Practice Unit, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chair on Open Distance Learning (ODL) at Unisa as well as the Institute of Open Distance Learning (IODL).
With the qualifications that are offered here, you can apply for a
Undergraduate degrees, higher certificates and higher diplomas, and postgraduate certificates
Honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas Master’s & doctoral degrees You still want to know more about UNISA College of Education, you can read about the schools, departments, and centres of Unisa College of Education.

College of Human Science

Is it your interest to read Human Science and be academia in this field of study? Then, Unisa has you covered, and it’s ready to make your dreams come to pass.
At Unisa, the College of Human Sciences is made up of the School of Arts, the School of Humanities, and the School of Social Sciences which house a number of centres, units and institutes.
Unisa focuses its research at this college on a number of research projects from different perspectives, issues related to decoloniality, Africanisation, HIV/AIDS, language, teaching and learning, political and economic development, religious studies and theology, sociology, information and library sciences, psychology, and many other subjects within the humanities field of which may be in your interest.
Unisa College of Human Sciences offers qualifications of Undergraduate qualifications Honours degrees & postgraduate diplomas Master’s & doctoral studies Short Learning Programmes Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) College of Science, Engineering and Technology
Are you dreaming of studying at the field of science, engineering and technology? Then you have nothing to worry about because, Unisa can help you to achieve your dreams to study at any department of Science, Engineering and technology.
Unisa’s The College of Science, Engineering and Technology is made up of the School of Science, the School of Engineering and the School of Computing.
You can achieve the qualification of the following.

Undergraduate qualifications
Honours degrees & postgraduate diplomas
Master’s & doctoral studies
There is no need to wait and not apply for 2021 admission and study at this college. Help yourself and read more at UNISA College of Science, Engineering and Technology on their website.

College of Graduate Studies.

It should not be a surprise that UNISA runs a Graduate Studies College because arguably it’s the best university in South Africa.
In its College of Graduate Studies, Unisa comprises of
Postgraduate Administration Department
Masters and Doctoral Applications and Registration
M&D Dissertation and Theses Examination Process
Postgraduate Diplomas & honours applications and Registration.
Probably, you may want to know more about Unisa College of Graduate Studies.
These eight colleges are not all that is, at the University of South Africa. Unisa also runs
Graduate School of Business Leadership
Thabo Mbeki Africa Leadership Institute
Thabo Mbeki Africa School of Public and International Affairs.
These are all the colleges that Unisa is running in the 2021 academic year. Hopefully, you have found your dream college of studies to apply for at best South Africa University.
Application for UNISA 2021 Admission is ongoing and you can visit their website and apply via online to get the chance to study at any of your college choices.

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