University of Mpumalanga Application

University of Mpumalanga is a South African University which came to existence in 2014 initially accommodating intake of one hundred and forty students (140) and is currently Mbombela.

Programmes Offered At University Of Mpumalanga:

Diploma in Agriculture in plant production
Diploma in Hospitality Management
Diploma in information communication Technology in Application Development
Bachelor of Agriculture in Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Development
Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching
Diploma in Conservation
Advanced Diploma in Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
Bachelor of Science

How To Apply Online:

Click on he student portal link on the UMP website home page
Click on new application
Capture your biographical information and save to generate your reference or student number and pin code to be used to proceed with your application
Put your student number or reference number
Click on application to proceed with your application
Click on next step to proceed to the next step
Load Your scanned documents
Click on upload documents
Click on the grey radio button
Select the school from the grey radio button
Type in the programme you wish to enroll for and click the search button
Select period of study
Check if your biographical information is captured correctly and secured and click on save and proceed to the next step
Click on communication type if you want to make changes on your communication details
View on the programmes you have applied
View your application status
View if you have gone through all the processes.
End of online application and the outcome takes up to 4 to 6 weeks after closing date.

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